Elementary school students are not only learning how to write code, but they are learning coding in Spanish.

Soft SkillsAt Sugar Creek Elementary School in Verona, second graders in Lisette Venegas’ class are gathered around a smartboard with their iPads. They watch Moana from the recent Disney film, as she tells them “Ayúdame a crear una línea.”

The class is part of the two-way immersion program (TWI).  Half the day is taught in English, and half in Spanish. The students participate in Hour of Code, and Venegas believes that it is important to expose them to coding resources in Spanish.

“Coding resources in Spanish are limited,” she said. “This is what the future is all about. I am teaching the future, so why not get them on board? I tell them, ‘You can be the one to make (this program) in Spanish.’”

The Moana tutorial allows the children to drag and drop boxes in sequence to write code. Kids learn the logic of coding through this visual method.  They can then learn text-based programming languages.

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