As career readiness programs expand to elementary school students, Advancement Via Individual Determination (AVID) is generating excitement among younger students for college and future plans.

Soft SkillsIn elementary schools in Faribault Minnesota, third, fourth and fifth graders are learning about career options and thinking about their future path.  Middle and high school students apply to be placed in the program, but elementary school students do not.  10 elementary teachers attended summer training to include teaching practices that encourage students to explore education after high school.

“AVID is a little different at the elementary level, it’s more school-wide,” AVID District Director Heidi Oanes said. “What AVID’s done is taken all the best teaching strategies, researched them and packaged them together.”

In elementary school, students are visited by community members such as police officers, electricians, and local business owners, who tell the students how they got to where they are today. Third graders focus on types of activities, fourth graders on colleges, and fifth graders on career options.

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