Combining subjects into one curriculum is working for fifth graders, who work on projects that bring together learning in reading, math, science, and writing.

Soft SkillsAt Dubois Elementary School, fifth grade teacher Dan Hartman watches his students working in small groups building a device to measure square footage.  After researching their projects, students will write a report explaining how they built the device and why they did it.

Hartman says that students used math and science along with practicing research and writing, all without realizing it.

“Before they got here, these kids never thought about math, reading and writing as separate entities,” Hartman said. “But that’s how we have taught them in America for 150 years.

“We’re breaking that mold and no longer teaching that way.”

One of the major concepts behind the school’s STEAM program is that subjects are combined into one curriculum. Dubois hopes to be the first school in the district designated as a STEAM school.

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