It’s not unusual for high school students to be working on college credit in their regular classes these days, but now some states are providing financial help for dual credit classes so the youngsters can already have an associates degree when they graduate.

Financial Help for Dual Credit ClassesStudents in Idaho are taking advantage of Idaho’s new Advanced Opportunities program, which allows up to $4,125 per student to be set aside for dual enrollment classes taken between seventh and 12th grades. This has resulted in a major increase in students at Nampa High School students who seek dual credit enrollment, as well as in high schools across the state.

“It opens up a lot more opportunities for me and a lot more classes that I don’t have to pay for,” said Sebastian Griffin, 16. “I wouldn’t (be doing) the associate’s degree if it wasn’t for that funding.”

It is estimated that Idaho will double the number of dollars this year spent on dual credit programs from last year.

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