It doesn’t look like a traditional classroom, as students have the freedom to move about in common space, becoming free range students.

Soft SkillsAt Sunnyvale Middle School in North Texas, you don’t need a hall pass to leave the classroom.  Kids are free to use some of their time as they see fit, and they are turning those choices into success.

Not every student likes math, but 11 year old Landon Lozano enjoys chosing his own math program. “Well, I really like fractions, like multiplying and dividing fractions. It just kind of makes me feel good,” he said.

“Especially if we’re working on different things where they’re reviewing and they need to help each other, this allows them to spread out a little bit more and think through and talk,” said fifth grade teacher Dr. Lisa Stovall.

The math classroom is designed to make it easier to move between groups of students, and can be adapted to allow some students quiet time and others activity.

“What I love about it is that our kids are becoming so independent and self-directed at a younger age than most students,” said Principal Carmen Ayo.

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