A German native is teaching language lessons to students, and she is sharing culture as well as language.

German Native is Teaching Language Lessons to StudentsHigh school German and English teacher Andy Stobel boosted his class’s knowledge and experience of language and culture when a student from Germany came to teach in his classes and work with him.

Laura Vollmar has been teaching for 13 weeks and will soon return to Germany.  She is teaching four classes and observing two of Stobel’s English classes.

According to Stobel, a native German teacher benefits the students because they can practice conversation with someone who speaks the language every day.

“The accent is a little different, the pace is a little different, sometimes, even the word choice is a little different,” said Stobel, “It’s good for them to practice with another person because they get so used to me.”

Vollmar is from southwest Germany, near France.  Her home is in a rural area, and she studies at University of Saarland, in Saarbrucken, Germany.  “First of all, with the foreign languages I enjoy learning and speaking them,” said Vollmar. “I also took Spanish in school. During my time in high school, I helped a lot of people and found out that it was fun to help people and show them how fun language can be and how useful it can be.”

She plans to teach English and French when she returns home.

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