Elementary school students are getting a Jump Start on math skills that require them to win games by using math concepts.

Getting a Jump Start on Math SkillsThe interactive program “Jump Start” which was developed by the Virginia Sports Hall of Fame and Museum is going to all Portsmouth city public elementary schools.  The hope is that students will have their interest in math stimulated and thus improve their test scores.

Students divided into teams at Nansemond Parkway Elementary School, where eight stations were set up in the gymnasium.  Each group of students rotated among the stations every 5 minutes, competing in different games. While fun and exercise were important, the goal was to complete math concepts.

“Our aim is to get children out of their seats and up and moving,” said Elaina Trafny, education coordinator at the Sports Hall of Fame. She says that she created the challenge around three years ago, when teachers said that math skills were the most critical skills for their students to learn.

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