Fifth grade girls are discovering the positive effects of girl power as they share their feelings and ideas with each other.

Soft SkillsAt Rolling Hills Country Day School, the girls in Gina King’s fifth grade classroom are chatting about the difference between cliques and friendships.

“It’s when you have shared interests,” one student said about friendship.

“Yeah, you feel happy when you’re with that person,” another student said.

“So, is it a friendship when the girls you’re hanging out with force you to exclude others from the group?” King asked. “And, how do you think those excluded girls feel?”

Girl Talk is a mandatory program in the school.  Fourth and fifth grade girls share their ideas, feelings, and opinions, and they learn about preteen topics which are important to them, such as gossip, friendships, and identity.

Girl Talk began informally in the school, and the formal program began in 2014.  King meets with each separate grade monthly, and guides the girls in conversation.  Some of the time is an open discussion, and the last 15 minutes can be private talks, or recess.

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