Girls are getting excited about technology careers in an after school program where they are learning coding, programming, robotics, and game design.

Girls are Getting Excited About Technology Careers15 fourth through eighth grade girls are attending 2020 Girls at Wexford Montessori Academy in the Lansing School District, a free after-school program. The program is at three different schools in the district, and is all girls. Instructors are from Michigan State University.

The program is a part of the Information Technology Empowerment Center. ITEC was started in 2008, a nonprofit which encourages students to go into STEM fields. The goal is to promote involvement in technology, but also build a community of students – “kids who like school and kids who are wanting to be with friends outside of school doing things like making movies and building robots,” said Kirk Riley, executive director of ITEC.

At first, most of the students who signed up for ITEC programs were boys.  So 2020 Girls was created in 2014, to encourage girls to enroll in courses taught by female teachers.

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