Providing a guided math approach to teaching is helping one teacher reach more individual students within the class period.

Guided Math Approach to TeachingRosario Mollo is the eighth grade math teacher at Hastings Middle School. His interest in math has been lifelong, and he is certified in gifted inclusive education.

He uses a technique called guided math.  He splits the class into different groups.  One group takes a quiz, one watches a video about the lesson that he made, one does fast math, and another group works with him at a back table on problems.  Here is the catch – every eight minutes, the groups rotate their tasks.

This gives him the opportunity to work with a small group continuously rather than a large class of 30 students.  He finds out through the small groups how well the students understand the material.

“Physically getting up (and) walking over, even that extra 10 steps kind of wake(s) you up again,” Mollo said.

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