A regularly scheduled intervention time helps all students succeed at one Junior High School, by giving them extra time to seek help or participate in enrichment activities.

Intervention Time Helps All Students SucceedStudents participate in “iTime” every Tuesday through Thursday for 30 minutes in the afternoon.  Students who fall behind come to see teachers to get extra help with homework.  Others can get extra help too, even gifted and talented students who want to move on to more difficult material.  They can also spend the half hour in activities such as Spanish karaoke, a book club, and a class in small engine repair.

According to principal Emily Sutherland, the iTime is based on the idea that learning is the constant and time the variable.  The school must do everything possible to ensure the success of all students.

“It’s a response to the philosophy that everybody requires different amounts of time to master concepts and to learn,” she said. “Probably most adults have had an experience in their lives where they just didn’t get it the first time, and they needed to go back or needed a little extra instruction. The problem is a lot of our students who need that often can’t accommodate before or after school.”

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