Kids are spicing up board games with technology, and building “exergames” – that is games that incorporate basic coding and programming with fitness.

Kids Are Spicing Up Board Games with TechnologyTECHFIT is a grant program funded through the National Science Foundation, Teaching Engineering Concepts to Harness Future Innovators and Technologists. Students build two life size exergames based on popular board games Monopoly and Battleship. The games are called “Exercise Empire” and “Tech-Ship.”

Students role a life-size die, and move the number of spaces. In Exercise Empire, if you land on “free parking” you take a water break.  If you go to jail, you have to hold your body weight off the floor on your forearms.

When the task for the space is completed, players run to the machine, press a button and the scores are entered.  But the winners are not calculated with the most money or houses.

“We thought we could change it up a bit and do a point system instead of a money system,” said seventh-grader Blake Dustin.

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