A group of 150 kids had a maker party hosted by their school district, providing a mix of creative play and science learning.

Kids Had a Maker PartyAt Washington Elementary School in the Woodburn School District, the Maker Party was part of the Woodburn STEM Festival. In the school cafeteria, kids learned how to make slime from glue, borax and paint.  They also built Lego structures following diagrams. Out in the hallway, students made paper airplanes, calculating the distance they could fly.  Volunteers in the computer lab taught lessons in coding.

The big attraction was in the gym, where students had access to piles of cardboard boxes, fabric, paper cups, plastic bottles, stickers, paint, and other materials to build creations from their imaginations.

Some of the children made games, others made robots from the cardboard boxes.  One group made a soccer ball out of duct tape and paper.

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