A recent study has found that kindergarten social skills are linked to young adult success.

Kindergarten Social Skills are Linked to Young Adult Success“We were surprised but not completely surprised,” said study leader Damon Jones, PhD,  of The Harris School of Public Policy at The University of Chicago.

The team analyzed evaluations by teachers of the social competency of 800 children.  The evaluations had been completed in 1991.  The team looked at how those same children were faring as adults.

Teacher evaluations focused on behavioral issues such as sharing, listening, and how well student resolved problems and were helpful in class.

The research showed that children who could share and were helpful were more likely to graduate from college and have a full time job by age 25.  The children who had difficulty with sharing and social skills were less likely to have graduated high school or finished college, and were more likely to have problems with substance abuse and crime.

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