Seventh graders learning about Nepal are getting a unique experience in global community and international relations.

Learning About NepalAt Beckwith Middle School in Rehoboth, Delaware, students in English teacher Melissa Bilentschuk’s class are part of a cultural exchange program with students outside Kathmandu, Nepal, at the New Millennium School. The school in Nepal is a private school for Kindergarten through grade 12.

Superintendent Anthony Azar wanted the staff to enrich students’ educational experience in innovative ways. Bilentschuk connected with a close friend, Carmel Valenti, who has friends in Nepal and she asked if Bilentschuk had any books to donate to the New Millennium School.  Maya smith, Valenti’s daughter is participating in an exchange program in Nepal.

“She (Smith) is my contact with the kids. That’s how we are collaborating and sending information back and forth,” Bilentschuk said.

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