Having a lunchtime lemonade stand encourages young entrepreneurs to learn about real world business.

Lunchtime Lemonade Stand Encourages Young Entrepreneurs“These kids run it, they do their thing,” said substitute teacher and volunteer Brad Napier. “It’s 25 cents a cup and at the end of the year it’s going to a backpack drive.”

At Townsend Elementary School, fifth graders are operating a lemonade state at lunchtime, called “Lemonade Inc.”

The students applied and interviewed with Napier, who has them running the stand as a real business.  The company has a general manager, chief operating officer, vice president of communications, executive secretary, administrative assistant, and a marketing team.

“Someone might want to be a banker, they might want to be a lawyer, this is where that starts,” Napier said. “This will be so big for their development. They’re smart and they understand life, so I wanted to give back to them.”

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