A veteran teacher has started a new activity creating a math club that makes learning fun.

Soft SkillsTeacher Patty Cekella wants to make math fun for her students at Pine-Richland Middle School. “She makes it fun,” said seventh-grader Miles Brown. “I like being able to work with my friends to solve complex problems that are fun while also being challenging.”

The club meets during a regularly scheduled activity period on alternate Tuesdays.  Students have the choice of taking part in a variety of activities, including Cekella’s class.

“There’s at least 40 students who choose to come to my room and we do math,” she said. “I’m trying to make it challenging and engaging so they can see that math can be fun.”

Cekella was a finalist for the 2017 Pennsylvania Teacher of the Year award.  She says that of the top 10 jobs currently offered online, the top five were for math related careers.  She is dedicated to showing students how math is used outside the classroom and has meaning in real life.

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