A middle school Jedi English Class turned a few heads at a local theater for a special morning screening of “Rogue One: A Star Wars Story.” The students from Altimira Middle School took over Sonoma Cinemas for the special presentation.

Soft SkillsIn this unique class, the students, known as Padawans, are expected to sew their own robes, and write a report on the experience.

“I loved it! I loved it a lot!” exclaimed Owen Van Zant, attending the screening dressed in a light-brown Jedi robe.

Instructor Bridget Paul began the unusual class several years ago, combining student enthusiasm for Star Wars with a rigorous curriculum.   “Rogue One” was so satisfying,” she says, “and so totally entertaining. It was edge-of-your seat stuff for sure. I wasn’t expecting ‘Star Wars,’ exactly, but something sort of ‘Star Wars’-ish, and I got it.”

When asked if there would be a homework assignment after today’s activity, Paul smiled. “Of course there will,” she says. “After all, every new experience is another opportunity to learn.”

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