Positive approaches to teacher training are yielding results in classrooms as teachers learn to recognize that being positive affects their relationships with their students.

Soft SkillsAt Jackson Careers and Technology School, consultant Sharon Faber started her professional development session with teachers by reminding them of the importance of all the wonderful things happening in their school.

“Some of the teachers at JCT have seen her before, some had not, but she started with everyone telling everyone else that they’re awesome,” said principal James Shaw. “Just keeping a positive approach to education regardless of what everyone’s saying was what teachers have said to me was so positive and so entertaining.”

Faber has been an educational professional for 46 years, traveling across the country to work with teachers as a trainer.  Her focus with JCT was to help teachers create a learning climate, build relationships with students, and stay positive.

“The kids that need us most are the kids that usually need the structure, the routine,” says Faber. “They need to feel safe. We may be the only constant in their lives. … Research says happy schools create higher achievers.”

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