Men are taking breaks from their jobs in areas where students struggle, to sit in classrooms and show children that real men read.

Real Men ReadThe Real Men Read program was launched in Indianapolis Public Schools this year, and now salesmen, firefighters and lawyers open books, hint at the interesting story inside, and elementary school students crowd round to find out more.

“These kids are me,” said Indianapolis Fire Department Capt. Kevin Givens. “Fifty years ago, I was these kids. I just want to make some kind of positive impact in their life. I know that worked for me when I was a young person.”

Real Men Read is a simple intervention with a simple goal – to show students that male role models love reading. For an hour a month, they volunteer to read a book to students.  Each student gets a copy of the book for their own. It is being piloted in 10 schools with 17 mentors.

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