Six buses that transport students to field trips and sporting events have become rolling classrooms that take wi-fi activities to students, and expand their ability to work on class assignments while traveling.

Rolling Classrooms That Take Wi-Fi Activities to StudentsIn Spartanburg, SC, School District One has equipped six activity buses with wi-fi. “We call these buses rolling classrooms,” said Dr. Jimmy Pryor, director of technology for Spartanburg School District One.

When students are on the road, they can bring their Chromebooks to do research or assignments, making productive use of the time.

“Usually we just sit. We sometimes bring a book or we talk with our bus partner,” said Marc Baker, a fifth grade student. On a field trip to the South Carolina State Museum, the students brought their Chromebooks, ready to answer questions about the museum before they arrived.

“It’s sort of going to give them an idea and a feel for what to expect when they get there, because many of these kids haven’t been,” said fifth grade teacher Jennifer Belue. “It’s opened so many doors for us to further education and see where it can take us. The sky’s the limit as far as it goes at this point.”

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