Students are discovering that software and social media connects school newspapers beyond the school walls.

Soft SkillsSince September, a new website, has been connecting school media across the country.  Students use the software to connect and share their writing, much as major newspapers connect with services and affiliates that share stories. While they still write, edit, and produce web content on deadline, teachers are not the only critics.  Peers in different schools can view and share their work.

“It’s made me a better editor,” said St. John Vianney High school senior Abby Anderko, who manages the school’s Fusfoo channel.

St. John Vianney High school is in Holmdel, NJ.  Students there share their work with students in Middletown and Hazlet, and throughout New Jersey.  Each school gets its own channel.

According to journalism teacher Mary-Kate Schmidt, the sharing has “upped the ante.”

“It creates a sense of competition and motivation,” she said.

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