Now science is close up with new Wi-Fi microscopes and fifth graders are excited by the ability to analyze things they bring from home.

Science is Close Up with New Wi-Fi Microscopes“If it helps them to begin nurturing that love for science, I’m willing to allow them more time to learn,” said Teri Gonzalez,  the fifth-grade teacher at Magee Elementary School. Her students have begun to trade their recess time for more time in the classroom with the microscopes.

The 57 Wi-Fi microscopes were purchased using a $25,000 grant from the America’s Farmers Grow Rural Education Monsanto Fund.  Farmers from the local area recommended the school as a potential recipient, and the school community became excited at the possibilities of the award.

“Once we heard about the nomination, we jumped all over it,” said Melana Silva, the math and science curriculum coordinator for K-12 at Calallen Independent School District.

The microscopes come with kits that include a tripod stand, workbooks, and packets containing samples of soil, sand, and seeds. Items can be magnified up to 80 times, and then displayed on mobile devices via the wireless technology.

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