Middle school students are sharing lessons worldwide with technology, and learning about students in other countries and other cultures.

Soft SkillsAt Chapel School in Bronxville, NY, seventh and eighth graders have been able to speak via Skype with students in Mexico City, and they compared Halloween and Day of the Dead celebrations. This enabled students to practice both English and Spanish.

Middle school teacher Ms. Liliana of the Winston Churchill School in Mexico City was eager to connect with the American school via Skype. Students are planning enthusiastically to continue to conversation, sharing holiday traditions and new experiences. They also look forward to practicing their conversational skills in two languages.

At the Chapel School, the celebration of traditions of people from a diversity of backgrounds is encouraged.  This is accomplished through interdisciplinary curriculum connections, field trips and special visitors. Technology provides a big boost in being able to connect with people around the world in live time.

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