Students found that solving problems by solving mysteries helped them develop the deductive reasoning skills they needed for their classwork.  At Central Middle School in Edmond, Oklahoma, a full day of STREAM activities was inspired by Agatha Christie’s classic mystery novel “And Then There Were None.”

Soft Skills“At Central, we’re committed to creating learners and problem solvers, and we see STREAM as a way to engage all types of learners,” said eighth-grade teacher Kate Gallagher. “This was a great event to show our students that the critical thinking we use in class has a solid connection to real-world problem-solving.”

Students explored the death of Meriweather Lewis in history class.  Science class included a CSI type lab for detecting poisons. The question “Whodunnit?” was solved through equations and riddles by math students.

Students were enthusiastic about the experience. “Today changed a lot,” said eighth-grader Thomas Hoang. “People say all the time that they won’t use what we do in school. Today showed we’ll be using what we learn someday in college and our jobs.”

“I want to work in the medical field. And in my job I may need to diagnose someone, and that requires deductive reasoning, just like we used during Murder Mystery Day,” said eighth-grader Gracie Price.

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