Sports and math all add up when students see math in action during a basketball game.

Sports and Math All Add UpStudents from North Elementary School had a great time at Davis and Elkins College, as they watched a basketball game, cheered on their team, and munched on popcorn. The game wasn’t just for fun; it was part of a pilot project between the college and the school. The program is called “It All Adds Up” and is based on a similar initiative by the NCAA encouraging student athletes to be involved with the community.

“This is something they (the fourth and fifth grade students) can really get excited about,” said D&E Athletic Director Jamie Joss. “Any time you can blend education with something like this, it’s a win-win.”

The students have studied players’ box scores, and converted those numbers into percentages.  Then they went to see the women’s team in action, meeting members of the men’s team at halftime and receiving team photos of both teams for autographs.

Children talked about the different players that they knew from the project, matching up the names with the leading scores.  For many, Joss said, this was the first time they had been to a sports game in the community.

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