At several high schools, students and teachers are building tiny houses for veterans.

Soft SkillsIn Racine, Wisconsin, three high schools are each involved in a project to build tiny houses for homeless veterans. “It’s hard for teenagers to get out of their bubble,” said Joe Pascucci, department chair for tech education at Park High School. “This is about helping other people.”

The plan is for a tiny house village operated by Veterans Outreach of Wisconsin to receive the houses built by students and teachers, providing homeless veterans their own private house as well as a community center with bathrooms and common space. It is hoped that 15 houses will be in the village.

“This is an opportunity to show them that what we do in the classroom transfers to the real world,” Pascucci said.

The schools have received donated wood from 2×4’s For Hope in Illinois.  Anyone can buy 2x4s for $3 and sign it with a message.

“They risked their lives so we can have our freedom,” said Terellus Bolton, a junior at Park. “So it’s the least we can do to give back.”

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