Students are hosting their own Comic Con for the third time and excited about writing stories that become comic books.

Soft SkillsAt East Middle School, students remember the previous events, and now have built up anticipation.

“Anybody who asks me, comic books are my life, so I’ve been looking forward to this,” said Colton High. “I was looking forward to this all year.”

The eighth graders displayed their stories at their Comic Con, and various comics for guests to enjoy.

During the first part of the project, students developed the story and focused on developing character and plot. After writing and revising the story drafts, they edited each other’s work. They then developed the sequences and frames, presenting the final results in drawings, films, flipbooks, and stop-motion photography.

“I want them to learn to take pride in their projects; practice their reading, writing and listening skills; and have the opportunity to celebrate the publishing phase of the project,” said English language arts teacher Brooke Nicoletti.

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