A group of elementary students officially named a street behind their school by showing civic responsibility and presenting their proposal to the mayor.

Students Officially Named a Street Behind Their SchoolIn East Brunswick, members of the Irwin Elementary School Student Council met with Mayor Kevin McEvoy to present a proposal to name an unnamed road behind their school Irwin Place.

At the mayor’s suggestion, the students followed up by attending a Township Council meeting, where their proposal was on the agenda.

“One of the things that people noticed was that when they were trying to give directions to our new parking lot [which is located behind the school], it was a challenge because the road does not have a name, so we thought that we should help give it a name,” Principal JoAnn Chmielowicz said.

At the meeting, the students presented their proposal along with a petition containing 250 signatures.  “We the students of Irwin School’s Student Council hereby request the naming of the currently unnamed access road into our school’s back entrance. In 1957, our school was named in honor of Kathryn Newmeyer Irwin, an intelligent and influential teacher and principal in East Brunswick’s school district. Mrs. Irwin was an important part of East Brunswick’s school system and its history, as she dedicated over 50 years of teaching and influencing students and teachers,” the proposal stated.

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