Creating online lessons for any school or teacher who wants to access them is just one on the task as teachers help develop an online database for the Census Bureau of free lessons and resources using census data.

Soft SkillsAt Albemarle High School, teacher Chris Bunin has been part of the national team working on the bureau’s Statistics in Schools program.  K-12 educators have access through the program to classroom activities, and lessons in history, math, sociology, and geography.

“It’s really cool to write something on a national level for not just a school in Albemarle County, but to know that you’re trying to create something for the people,” he said.

One of the goals is to help students make use of real statistics, and understand how they are applied in real world problems and applications.

Bunin helped to create three lessons in geography.  The lessons involved comparing population demographics of different localities, enabling students to conclude what the public policy priorities would be of the two communities, how they might have priorities in common or how they might differ.

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