When math is fun, there are smiles all around as students learn about being the teacher while creating interactive math apps for helping their peers learn necessary skills.

When Math is Fun“They had to create a game that would teach skills we’ve learned this year,” Pepperell Elementary teacher Sandy Headrick explained. “I gave them the assignment and they had to decide on what skills they would teach, come up with a game and a name and decide who did what in their group.”

Students needed to gather prizes for their games as well as build the items they needed.

“Many of them cleaned out their toy chests, finding items to give away, and others brought big bags of candy to hand out,” Headrick said. “This went along with the schoolwide lesson of ‘live to give’ we’ve been talking about this month.”

The challenge to the students was to not only invent games for their own grade level, but to make them interesting for fourth and fifth grades as well.

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