World language courses in middle school are preparing students for advanced foreign language study, while introducing them to different cultures and opportunities for careers in a global marketplace.

Soft SkillsTuscaloosa City Schools brought back world language classes this year into all middle schools, after having dropped them in 2008. Three Spanish teacher now work across five middle schools, and the superintendent would like to see the program expand to include other languages and possibly elementary school.

“We’re just super-excited to have it back this school year in all of the middle schools,” said Tiffany Davis, principal at Westlawn Middle School. “It’s truly exciting and the students are really gravitating toward it.”

An additional benefit of the reinstated curriculum is that students can be better able to relate to their peers who speak other languages. Part of the district’s strategic plan is a desire to make their students more well rounded, and be better prepared for the global market as adults.

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