Middle school students are getting the opportunity for virtual world travel through school projects exploring different countries and cultures.

World Travel Through School ProjectsAt Central Middle School in Muscatine, Iowa, seventh graders had a fun afternoon presenting their research with board games, pastries, food, and posters.

“I figured the best way for them to really experience their country is for them to represent it somehow, so it was totally under their control, they got to pick if they wanted to make food, they got to decide what they wanted to put on their posters,” said English Language Arts (ELA) teacher Suzanne Christenson.

Some students wore costumes to go along with their presentations, created games, or prepared traditional foods. “They’ve done a great job with it, they really stepped up,” Christenson said. “I’m just hoping that they can learn to appreciate other countries’ cultures.”

The students were encouraged to choose a country about which they knew little, instead of well known countries such as France or Germany.

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