An elementary school principal has made some changes which include new programs and implementing 5 tenets of student behavior.

Soft SkillsRoosevelt Elementary principal Jana Mason believes that the traditional unity and values which are throughout the area are important.  But she has promoted some needed changes, in the interest of providing a safe environment that is orderly for all students and staff.

“What we did as a building was identify the needs and expectations of what we felt would be appropriate for student behavior. We framed it around five tenets,” Mason said.

The five tenets that Mason has implemented are be safe, be respectful, be responsible, be caring and be a learner.

Recently Scottsbluff Public Schools started an initiative which focuses on community partnerships, known as 3E.  Mason believes that the tenets pair well with 3E, which is also committed to making each child safe, respectful and responsible.

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