Kindergarten children held a celebration parade of writing at their school, recognizing their achievements and encouraging each other to express their ideas in writing.

Soft SkillsAt Canisteo-Greenwood Elementary School, students start creative writing as soon as possible – in kindergarten. The children’s writing covers hallway walls and the classroom.

Writing in kindergarten involves learning sequence, telling a story with a few sentences, and illustration their publications with front and back covers and children’s artwork.

Five year old Olivia Tucker published this story: “My birthday was yesterday. I ate cake at my party. My birthday was fun.” Her inside back cover included space for comments.  Each book has comments of praise.

To celebrate their achievement, the kindergartners had a parade throughout the school, walking with their stories, and cheered on by older students.  Teacher Kelly Brock said “The students love writing their stories. And sharing their published stories was an awesome experience.”

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