Art helps students learn science, language, math, and other subjects, and resident artists are working with teachers and students to bring it all together at General Johnnie Wilson Middle School.

New Preschool Programs are Sharing ResourcesRecently, sixth graders created cells with foam shapes and glue, assisted by visiting visual artist George Woideck.  “We’re doing cells: What’s inside us; what’s inside living things,” he said. The seven month artist residency program is sponsored by the Ohio Arts Council.

According to principal Bryan Hilko, the OAC offers options in music, visual arts, and dance.

“Our teachers are ecstatic about it,” Hilko said. He likes tying core subjects such as science,  language arts, math, and social studies with art.

“The idea is to give the arts equal weight with the other subjects,” Woideck said.

“Our focus last year and this year was the application of learning,” Hilko said. “How do our students take what they’re learning and apply it? It’s a real-world, hands-on style of learning.”

“I haven’t met with this group before,” Woideck said. “I do know cellular structures are part of their science curriculum. I have all the curriculum and state standards in my laptop. We work with kids from gifted talented to kids with special needs. The teachers have been fabulous.”

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