Elementary school kids in the Meet the Masters Program are learning that art illustrates math concepts for young students.

Art Illustrates Math Concepts for Young StudentsArt teacher Breanna Kincaid asked a question of her second grade students at Capshaw Elementary School.  “What’s a tessellation?” she inquired.

“It’s the same shape where you don’t have any gaps,” one student said.

“It’s like a puzzle you can’t figure out,” said another.

Kincaid explained, “It’s a mathematical shape that fits together over and over again.”

The children are learning about the artist M.C. Escher in the Meet the Masters program at their school.  They draw their own versions, and Kincaid keeps their work in a portfolio. The program is paid for by the school’s Parent Teacher Organization.  The PTO also pays Kincaid to teach 26 classes once a month from kindergarten through fourth grade.

Art is not funded in the Putnam County School budget for elementary schools.  Consequently, school communities are creative in how they provide art instruction.

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