An autism friendly NFL Pro Bowl experience is setting precedent in Orlando.  Special accommodations for children on the autism spectrum are being planned for the event.

Autism Friendly NFL Pro Bowl ExperienceThe NFL will make a safe room available for young fans on the autism spectrum if they should need it, as well as noise-canceling headphones, and stress relief squeeze toys.

“Our goal is to make the game as family-friendly as possible,” said Anna Isaacson, the NFL’s senior vice president of social responsibility. “We want to see if this is something the fans take advantage of and, if so, whether we can extended it to the Super Bowl and perhaps share it with the rest of the league.”

The league is working in partnership with A-OK Autism, based in Tulsa, Oklahoma.  The league is offering “Sensory Sacks” to anyone who wants them at Camping World Stadium.  Along with the headphones and squeeze toys, the kid will have identification badges and stickers, so that kids can wear them and show others that they may lack the ability to speak or may behave differently.

The quiet room will provide a refuge for families if their children are overwhelmed by the crowd ad commotion.  Staff will have special training on working with people on the autism spectrum.

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