Chase Middle School is bringing a new level of technology to personalized learning, by piloting a software program which allows students to learn based on their level.

Soft Skills“They become self-learners,” said Chase principal Keith Jones. “They have the tools within the program to figure out the problems.”

Jones is speaking about Front Row, the online program which allows teachers to teach one concept to each student, regardless of their academic ability.  The software makes the assignment, customized to how well the student grasps the concept.

According to Jones, differentiated learning software reduces the stress experienced by students who take longer than their peers to progress academically.

“It also gives differentiated homework based on where they’re at,” he said.

Front Row is a tool that math teacher Victor Horton believes is a benefit because it allows for students to not be “taught the same thing at the same time.”

“We know that our kids come to us at various different levels,” he said.  He is concerned when students quickly become frustrated if they don’t understand a concept right away and don’t get the help they need.

When Horton uses the software, he can see instantly which students understand the concept, and which ones need him to make adjustments in his teaching.

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