Building a greenhouse is a long term project, and Sanborn Regional High School students and teachers are preparing for a major 18 month process of seeking community help, planning, and building.

Building a Greenhouse is a Long Term ProjectPrincipal Brian Stack surveyed the faculty and staff for projects to propose to the Sanborn Seminary Trustees, the group which funds classroom projects.

Nurse Karen Scanlon thought that building a greenhouse would be ambitious but special.

“The project came up with a life of its own,” she said.  Teachers sent many ideas to her, from almost every subject area. Social studies teachers wanted to teach about geography and food, math teachers saw an opportunity for graphing plant growth, and art classes wanted to find subjects in the plant life variety.  Generally, the greenhouse was an opportunity to learn about gardening, sustainability, and for culinary students to create farm-to-table events.

“We’d love to have this being used off hours, in the evenings, for community classes, all year round,” Scanlon said.

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