A language school is building community conversations through language instruction in Spanish and English.

Building Community Conversations Through Language InstructionNurse Betty Miller used to find that her nights in the St. Joseph’s hospital emergency room were difficult because of the language barrier, since most patients primarily spoke Spanish. While the hospital has an interpreter or someone available via video chat, it can still mean lost time.

“We have lots of options that are helpful, but they take time to set up,” Miller said.

Miller decided to take classes at the Language School in Montbello. She had taken Spanish classes in college, but was not fluent.

The school offers English to people who need to learn it as a second language.  It also offers Spanish classes for people in Denver who want to communicate with Spanish speaking people.

“It’s above and beyond teaching English, above and beyond teaching Spanish. We’re building community, we’re building relationships,” Language School founder and director David Stevens said.

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