Teachers and students are discovering that digital resources expand learning beyond textbooks.

Digital Resources Expand Learning Beyond TextbooksWhen students research projects, they are likely to use websites, digital libraries, and open source options.  Textbooks at one time were the standard for most classes to learn about a subject.  However today, they are being pushed aside in favor of online articles, or educational programs on iPads.

At Logan Middle School in La Crosse, seventh grade math and science teacher Jennifer King finds that the digital tools enable students to solve problems or collaborate on a project, instead of finishing a section of problems in a textbook.

“It lets them problem-solve,” King said. “I just think it adds more diversity to the content.”

Wisconsin leaves textbook decisions to the individual school districts.  In La Crosse, supervisor of instruction and staff development Rob Tyvoll says the evaluation starts with state standards.  The concepts that need to be taught are identified and then vendors are brought in to see what they can offer.

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