A dual language school newspaper has come a long way from the days when students were drawing comic strips.

Dual Language School NewspaperAt West View Elementary School, the Bobcat Gazette is printed in English and Spanish because the school is a dual language school.

“So people who are learning English could read the Spanish side,” said Iliana Lopez, a sixth grader who is one of the paper’s founders. “I like sharing stories with people and I thought it would be even cooler to share with the school.”

The paper has been in operation since October, when fourth, fifth, and sixth grade students began drawing, interviewing, taking photos and editing for the monthly newspaper.

“I love that it was student driven,” said Principal Tamara Skeen. “They had the idea, they advocated for it. This is what we want at school — kids with ideas.”

Students take turns with each issue writing, interviewing and editing. They do these tasks in English or Spanish, and then translate to the other language.

“I like to write in English and Spanish,” said fourth-grader Lucia Rodriguez. “I like to talk to other people about what they like and what they do.”

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