Elementary students testing a surgical robot had a chance to explore technology available to surgeons for over 900 procedures.  At Jack Anderson Elementary School,  Dr. Jeff Hollis showed students the da Vinci Surgical System and explained the impact of the technology.

Elementary Students Testing a Surgical Robot“We hope that by exposing all these kids to the most advanced current surgical technology, some may be inspired to actually become our surgeons of the future,” Hollis said.

One of the unique things about the robot is that its mechanical wrists mimic human wrists.  This makes movement precise.  It also creates a magnified high definition 3D image so that surgeons have a close up view as they work.

Sumner Regional Medical Center  has 11 surgeons trained in robotic surgery.  The robot was brought to school by David Youell with Intuitive Surgical.

“Our students are constantly challenging theories and putting STEM techniques into practice in the real world, and this is yet another example of how we are helping them make those connections,” said STEM teacher Erin Thurston. “It’s simply magical to watch.”

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