Teachers are encouraging students to do the right thing by rewarding good behavior with coupons that are traded for special rewards.

Encouraging Students to Do the Right ThingAt Brennan Middle School in Attleboro, Vermont, when teachers notice students being extra helpful and kind, the award coupons for rewards.  The rewards can range from playing computer games on a cellphone, wear a hat for a day, or have a tug of war against the teachers. The most popular reward is being principal for a day.

Positive Behavior Interventions and Support, or PBIS, is a new approach to discipline which was started at the school three years ago.  The program rewards good conduct, instead of waiting to punish misbehavior.  “It’s creating a culture where kids and staff are doing the right thing on a daily basis,” said principal Fred Souza said.

According to assistant principal Kelly Chouinard the idea is to get students in the habit of doing good, no matter who is watching.  In addition, quiet children who may not get recognition would be recognized. At pep rallies, students wear t shirts with the message #dotherightthing.

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