Children and parents are working together on math problems in their school Family Math Club.  Instead of being a chore, its a project that is being enjoyed, as the project is to create a winter wonderland park.

Family Math ClubThe School Street Family Math Club has been busy creating a make believe park with real simulations.  The program meets after school on Tuesdays, and is open to third through fifth grade students and their parents.

According to Heather Bell, instructional coach for School Street and George G. Blaisdell elementary schools, the program aims to make math stimulating and fun.

“The kids and the parents are really doing the work together,” she said.

Some of the problems included figuring out how much ticket prices should be, and how much money the park could earn. Bell instructed a third grader to figure how much money was gained from admission. “What do you think we could do with 100 (admissions) and the cost of your tickets” to figure the income, Bell asked. The girl then replied, “Multiply.”

“That’s what you’re going to do each day, multiply the number of visitors by the ticket price,” Bell reinforced. She then explained that the weekly totals could be added up to see how much the park would earn in three weeks.

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