At the Dayton Regional STEM School, students are focusing on soft skills such as professionalism, collaboration, and communication. The school is using physician/psychologist Edward de Bono’s Six Thinking Hats system.

Soft Skills“We teach a lot of soft skills, especially since the workplace students will face when they graduate is more collaborative,” said Principal Hope Strickland. “Students go to school cognizant of how they’re developing as human beings and not just how much they’re learning. The school’s project-based focus requires students to work in teams constantly so we teach them how to work together and how to give critiques.”

Teaching business soft skills to high school students is becoming more recognized by educators as being important.

“Teachers see the need for students to have these skills, but trying to work it into the curriculum when it may not be required can be challenging,” said Liz Wolfe-Eberly, professional development coordinator for Montgomery County Educational Service Center (MCESC). “The employability skills course is meant to help those soft skills for students so they are able to get a job and maintain a job.”

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