A middle school program is getting boys excited about reading, by creating events that interest them and connecting them with a young man who has published his own Minecraft fan fiction series.

Getting Boys Excited About ReadingAt Pawtucket Middle School, boys who are reluctant readers enjoyed an invitation onlyh afterschool event which included meeting with Sean Faye Wolfe, author of the sci-fi trilogy “Elementia Chronicles.”

Teachers at Pawtucket are noticing a growing trend: boys do not enjoy reading, and would rather do hands on activities.  This leads to an achievement gap between boys and girls.

“We focused on boys because we’ve noticed the trend — they’re not enjoying reading,” Elaine Temel, who teaches fifth-grade language arts and social studies, said. “Once they get past elementary school, their interest starts to drop off. Boys are more interested in hands-on activities, like coding and playing video games.

“It’s all taking them away from books.”

According to Temel, it’s essential to make reading enjoyable to draw them to books over other activities.

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