First graders are literally eating the fruit of their labor, as the harvest from the school winter garden is served at lunch.  The result of having the children involved in actually growing the produce, aside from learning about plants and science, is that they are more likely to try new foods.

Harvest from the School Winter Garden is Served at LunchAt DeLeon Elementary school, the children were happy to try the broccoli they had recently harvested when they went through the lunch line.  The children had harvested four bushels of broccoli from the school garden.

Four kinds of vegetables are grown in the winter garden.  These include cabbage, cauliflower, and green onions along with the broccoli.

In the Victoria school district, two schools have gardens.  DeLeon Elementary has the largest one.

Assistant principal Carl Frisch was especially happy to see the results.  “One, they are happy to see their success,” Frisch said. “Two, they are happy to be out in nature and working with their hands.”

Maintaining the garden for one year costs approximately $500.  Donations were from the school PTO and Bonnie Plants.

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