A recent study has found that helping men to be good fathers leads to school readiness for kids.

Helping Men Be Good Fathers Leads to School Readiness for KidsA reading program that helps men become better fathers is teaching better parenting skills, and leading to behavior and learning improvements in kids.  The researchers focused on Head Start centers in New York City, with fathers and children under five years of age.

126 families ere randomly assigned to participate in a reading based parenting program or a control group of people on a waiting list.

“We found that our program supported positive changes in fathers’ behavior, children’s language skills, and children’s behavior in comparison to families who did not participate in the program,” said New York University psychology researcher Anil Chacko.

Chacko says that much previous research has focused on mothers, although fathers play a significant role in child development.

“Our study did not compare the effects of book exposure or mother-child versus father-child reading interactions, but we did use reading with fathers as a specific situation to have fathers practice father-child interactions that support children’s positive behavior and reduce risk for behavior problems while also fostering children’s literacy skills,” Chacko said.

“We found that fathers engaged well in the program and saw benefits, and the program was feasible to deliver in Head Start with staff in the center being the ones who delivered the intervention,” Chacko added.

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